Ep 13: Create your own smell o'vision to reduce stress

Ep 13: Create Your Own Smell O' Vision to Manage Stress

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Our sense of smell doesn't get a fair shake when it comes to managing stress. Smells are all around us and can trigger some very interesting responses. Here's how to use smells to purposefully manage your stress. You can listen to this…
Happy spoons lined up together

What spoons can teach you about stress

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Listen on Mental Health Moment Sometimes we just have too much on our plates. There's constant tension between what we need to do and what we have the energy for. Learn how an approach for chronic illness can help you manage your energy…
Ep 11: The Miracle Question

Ep 11: The miracle question

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Have you ever thought about your life with no problems? Do you even know what that might look like? Ask yourself this simple question to start figuring out what you really want. You can listen to this episode right here! 👆 And…
Ep 10: This is gratitude

Ep 10: This is gratitude

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Gratitude is a big part of a healthy, happy life. But gratitude is more than just feeling good about what you have. Learn how you can use gratitude to help others, and help yourself in return. You can listen to this episode right here!…
Ep 9: What's your story?

Ep 9: What's your story?

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Do you know your story? You may not realize it but you’re narrating your story every day with your thoughts and perceptions. So how important is it to have the right thoughts? How can you create the story where you’re the hero? How…