Why are we so stressed out and miserable at work?

Those of us who live in first world environments can have most anything we need or desire.

And that includes a great job that makes us happy.

Yet we struggle to make sense of our jobs and our careers. We come home every day wiped out and exhausted from being at work.

How can we fix that? Here are a few areas I’m going to be looking at this year to help you reduce stress at work.


What’s in your cup for 2019?

Today I took some time to consider what the new year can bring me. I’m ready to go after it! Next year I’ll be creating lots of new content around stress at work.

I can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can help each other find our power over stress! You can enjoy your work in spite of the challenges, in spite of whoever and whatever seems to want to make your life difficult!

Bring it on, 2019!


How I learned to make friends in kindergarten

Have you ever stopped to think about what you admire about your friends? What made you want to be friends in the first place?

What do YOU bring to your friendships? Having good friends and deep connections is a huge part of good mental health.

Find people who will complement and challenge you!

Here’s a little trip I took down memory lane.

How I beat stress with exercise

Working out with a partner is a great way to build accountability to get your exercise done. Working out with others can build an entire community and connection.

Here’s a little of my story.

Exercise during the holidays? Yes!

Exercise is the best way to beat holiday stress. But it’s the first thing that drops from our busy schedule.

Here is how to keep some focus on exercise.


What does stress look like?

Sometimes stress and anxiety reveal themselves in subtle ways. It’s not always about the visible signs, like panic attacks.

Your body will find ways to deal with stress.

Here’s a little about how I’ve experienced stress and anxiety in the past, and why I’m gung ho about a more proactive approach to stress management.


Change your perspective

“Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality.” — Brian Tracy

In marketing, there’s an old saying that “Perception is reality.”

Everything new and exciting that you achieve will first start with a simple decision on your part to change your perspective.

This isn’t easy to do, and it’s not an overnight thing. So if you’re struggling with this, don’t feel bad.



How to be a good listener

Good listening skills are a must in any relationship. But what does being a good listener look like in real life? Here are some simple tips to boost your listening game.



What influences you?

What are the influences that lead to the choices you make? Why does it  matter?

Everything you take in influences what you believe about yourself and your role in the world.



What does adding value mean?

“Whatever you do, add value!”


But what does that mean? And how do I know I’m adding value?

A few pithy thoughts on the matter.



Keep your cool this holiday season

The best thing about the holidays is spending time with family. But sometimes being around our families brings out some old patterns and anxieties we thought we had dealt with.

Unless you’re in a Christmas Hallmark movie, you might find yourself slipping back into some feelings you don’t like when you get around family.

Nobody pushes your buttons like your family, am I right?

Well, you can’t control your family.


But you can control how you react and what (and who) you’ll allow to mess with you.