It is what it is


We all like to throw this one around. If something doesn’t go our way, we shrug our shoulders and say, “Yep, it is what it is, y’all.” But how can we make “it is what it is” work for us? In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) “it is what it is” has a more clinical name: […]

Don’t hate on anger

Anger gets a bad rap. Out of all the emotions, it’s the only one people don’t seem eager to embrace. No one really relishes wallowing in anger like they do disappointment, sadness, and especially fear. (Don’t lecture me, some people enjoy their pain. You know I’m right.) While there are certainly enough books on managing […]

Is imposter syndrome a fraud?


Have you heard of this thing called “imposter syndrome?” Imposter syndrome is the fear of being discovered to be a fraud. You, a competent, accomplished, recognized, high-performing professional. Outwardly you are crushing it on all levels. But inside your head you’re telling yourself, “Yeeeaaah, it’s basically all a sham. They’re gonna find out soon enough […]

Four tools to stay resilient

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When life gets in the way, we sometimes bail on the basics that keep us physically and mentally healthy. This toolkit, designed to deal with the pressures of anxiety and depression, is a great way to stay resilient in the face of day-to-day life stressors. When things get wackadoo, it’s worth asking yourself which one […]

Stop chewing your cud


“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare Do you ever have days when you just can’t stop thinking about something that really got under your skin? Maybe it was something that happened yesterday, or maybe even 12 years ago. Or maybe it’s just a thought you’ve always […]