Your work is a gift

Sometimes we can’t change our circumstances. Sometimes all we can do is offer who we are and the work that comes from deep inside us to the world, without necessarily understanding the full story. Or how it may affect others. If you know anything about Oprah, she’s a prime example of knowing what you have […]

Choose ye this day…


Don’t hate me. I love Mondays! Mondays are special because they’re like a do over. Whatever you missed last week, well now, sister, you have a chance to get it right this week. New chances to say the right things, the way you imagined last week that you could. The chance to make the choices […]

Happy Monday! Now go add some value…


“Whatever you do, add value!” Okeedokee. But what does that mean? And how do I know I’m adding value? A few pithy thoughts on the matter.

It is what it is

We all like to throw this one around. If something doesn’t go our way, we shrug our shoulders and say, “Yep, it is what it is, y’all.” But how can we make “it is what it is” work for us? In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) “it is what it is” has a more clinical name: […]

Don’t hate on anger

Anger gets a bad rap. Out of all the emotions, it’s the only one people don’t seem eager to embrace. No one really relishes wallowing in anger like they do disappointment, sadness, and especially fear. (Don’t lecture me, some people enjoy their pain. You know I’m right.) While there are certainly enough books on managing […]

Is imposter syndrome a fraud?


Have you heard of this thing called “imposter syndrome?” Imposter syndrome is the fear of being discovered to be a fraud. You, a competent, accomplished, recognized, high-performing professional. Outwardly you are crushing it on all levels. But inside your head you’re telling yourself, “Yeeeaaah, it’s basically all a sham. They’re gonna find out soon enough […]