How anger at work affects you and what to do about it

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Anger at work

Few things are as destructive in the workplace as anger. And it’s quite stealthy. I’m not talking about the kind of anger at work that wells up when you open the break room fridge and find your lunch MIA. This has never happened to me. I suspect it’s largely because my lunches contain mostly quinoa and […]

How to weather change at work without stressing out

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How to weather change at work without stressing out

Change has always been a part of the workplace. But in the last five to eight years it seems it has reached a fever pitch in many organizations. You can expect something big to change every two or so years, sometimes even way less. Have you experienced this lately? Change can be one of the biggest causes of stress […]

The disconnect in mental health

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The disconnect in mental health

I get to meet interesting people every day. You just can’t imagine what some have gone through. To look at them, you would never know. They may look good, smell good, and sound good. But they have faced ugly giants and still somehow find the courage to keep going. What you must know is that […]

How to deal with drag in your life

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How to deal with drag in your life and see your goals take off

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, or how much you strive to do better, you’re just having a hard time getting forward movement? The wheels are certainly spinning. The engine’s running and everything seems in order. But if you’re honest, you’re not making the gains you want. And now your […]

Consistency wins the game

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Consistency is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Wait, isn’t that the definition of insanity? Walk with me. Everyone chases results. You can get fired from your job if you don’t get results. Your doctor shakes her head when she sees the results of your annual exam. You’re on thin […]

A new perspective on Monday


Mondays can be a great opportunity to start over and get things right. Let’s get excited about Monday! HEAR ME OUT: A new perspective on Monday