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Ep 70: Three practical ways to believe in yourself

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So many songs and movies preach the virtues of believing in yourself. But what does believing in yourself look like? I think our idea of belief in what we can do has been a little hijacked by hero movies. Learn some practical ways to believe…
Ep 69: Pear Trees in Tulsa

Ep 69: Pear trees in Tulsa

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You don't know how much you've grown until you have to step up and do something useful. Here's a little lesson about growth from two little pear trees in Tulsa, OK. You can listen to this episode right here! 👆 And don't forget to…
Ep 68: Find your carefree

Ep 68: Find your carefree

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 What does it mean to live carefree? Is that even possible today with so much grabbing for our attention? So much of being carefree is in letting go of what's not serving you. Here's a little of my experience. You can listen to this…
Mental Health Moment on break

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It's summer, and my son is getting married this month! 💞❤ So I’m taking a short break from new episodes of Mental Health Moment. I’ll return with NEW EPISODES on June 24. Until then, here’s a few early episodes you may have…

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