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Mental Health Moment on break

It’s summer, and my son is getting married this month! 💞❤

So I’m taking a short break from new episodes of Mental Health Moment.

I’ll return with NEW EPISODES on June 24.

Until then, here’s a few early episodes you may have missed!


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Episode 5: Five things (and also 20 things) to reduce stress




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Episode 22: How to Survive the Winter Season at the Zoo

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You can always be sure that seasons will be part of life. But what do you do in a season you didn’t expect? Hear a couple of lessons I picked up from a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

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Full transcript

Hi I’m Lori Miller and this is your Mental Health Moment.

Have you ever had one of those days when it just seems like everything that you tried to do kind of came back empty-handed? No matter how hard you planned or prepared you still ended up feeling like you came up short?

What can you do in times like this?

Sometimes we enter a time where it feels like this is kind of the norm. It feels like a long dry winter and it can be very frustrating.

But that is the nature of seasons.

I remember the very first time me and my family visited the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The Bronx Zoo is One of the world’s most respected zoos and one of the must see places when you visit the Big Apple. 🍎

I was so excited to add this to our itinerary on one of our trips to New York. My son was about ten years old at the time, and I just knew he would enjoy seeing such a diverse group of animals right there in the heart of this huge city.

We carved out a specific day to go, and I couldn’t wait! When we got there though, the place looked like a ghost town.

The front entrance was spooky and barren. There were literally no people milling around.

I live in Florida, home of Walt Disney World, so this made no sense to me at all. How could we be in the heart of a big touristy place like New York City with no people at the zoo?

Well, here’s a clue.

We went to the magnificent Bronx zoo in January, on a day that averaged about 19°. ❄

My first clue should’ve probably been the incredible discount on the tickets for that day. 

As you can imagine, at 19°, there were very few animals who felt like even venturing outside their habitat, much less giving US something entertaining to look at.

The few who did wander out looked at us in our giant parkas and our “I ❤ NYC” sock hats as if like we had lost…our… minds.

We had come to the zoo expecting to see a show in a season when the facility just isn’t designed to be on its best display.

  • Winter is a season for the animals to pull back from the demands of the big crowds in the busy season when the weather is warmer.
  • Winter also allows the staff to come up with new, innovative exhibits for later in the year when they know they will have tons of tourists with high expectations.

We had all the right ingredients: enthusiasm, time to kill because we were on vacation, and a plan for how to navigate this huge place.

But it just wasn’t the right time for our expectations. It wasn’t the zoo’s fault.

This just wasn’t their time of year to shine.

So we, standing there in our fluffy winter wardrobes, had a couple of options available to us:

  1. First, we could chalk it up to a ridiculous goof by our travel planner (see also: me), call it a day and come back later in the year when the season is ready.
  2. Or we could find ways to glean something fun and meaningful out of the day we were already having, in the season we were already in.

Neither one of those options is wrong.

But only one of them allowed us to enjoy the moment we were in and build a memory we would laugh about later.

Sometimes life feels like winter at the zoo.

Not every season in your life is meant to show your best performance. Some seasons are designed to prepare you for what’s to come.

Some seasons allow you to train hard for a season that will require your very best.

And some seasons are designed for rest and hibernation.

To expect each season to be like the big show all the time isn’t reasonable.

What is reasonable is to look at each day and determine what do you have in front of you now that will prepare you for that fuller season ahead.

  • Your job may be stressing you out and you don’t see an end in sight.
    What are you absolutely, 100% great at in your job right now that you can use as a platform to try one new thing? A small step to start creating a new season in your career?
  • Maybe you feel like you’re going to be parenting forever.
    Guess what? Parenting eventually becomes coaching. What is one parenting skill that you’re proud of that you can take to the next level for your kids? When they enter their season of young adulthood, they will absolutely need that coaching from you.
  • Maybe you’re anxious about moving in on middle-age.
    Or maybe middle age is moving in on you. 😁 Think of an earlier season in your life? What is one thing, one small thing that you always wanted to do?

Middle-age is going to give you a pretty sweet canvas to paint an even brighter season for yourself. You’re a little older, you’re wiser and you care a little less about what people think in this season.

So what season are you in today? 

Are you in that cold, sharp, and cloudy season at the zoo?

  • Find the animals that are okay being out in the cold with you.
  • Use the time today to explore exhibits that normally don’t see the light of day compared to the dancing seals that normally get all the attention.
  • Don’t be afraid to stick around for a bit in the cold and learn something new.

Use this season to enjoy a unique experience, have the zoo all to yourself, and get yourself ready for the big show ahead.

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Amazon Alexa skill - Mental Health Moment with Lori Miller

Sometimes you need some encouragement right at the top of the day so you can stay focused on what will keep you energized and productive. 🌝

I’m excited to debut my Alexa skill, Mental Health Moment with Lori Miller.

It’s a little shot in the arm to start your day.

Every day I’ll talk about small ways you can inject a bit of sanity in your day.

If you have an Amazon Echo you can enable Mental Health Moment in the Alexa store. You can also download the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and enable the skill there.

Check out all the details on my Amazon skill page.

Feel free to leave me a review. I’d love to know what you think! 🤔

Episode 1: An introduction to Mental Health Moment with Lori Miller


You get to have a few minutes in your busy day to shift gears and focus on your best performance. Take a moment — or even five minutes — to set yourself up for success.

Join me every day in my new Amazon Alexa skill and podcast — Mental Health Moment with Lori Miller.

I’ll deliver a new tip every day that you can use to reduce stress and improve your mental health!

You can listen to the first episode right here! And don’t forget to subscribe to hear future episodes wherever you are! 

Full transcript


First of all, what is a Mental Health Moment?

Well, tell me if this describes your workday morning.

If you’re a commuter who drives, you most likely

  • drove in the parking lot on two wheels,
  • barely dodged fellow coworkers walking in,
  • lurched into a parking space,
  • piled all of your bags on your shoulders, and
  • raced into the building.

Slow down there turbo.

You most likely just defied death at 80 miles an hour on a busy highway and you maybe even took some calls already.

You get to have a few minutes in the car to reset your focus before you go into work.

Take 10 seconds or even five minutes to shift gears and set yourself up for success before you even get out of the car.

Here are a few ideas

  1.  Take some deep breaths. This will get your heart rate and your blood pressure back where it needs to be so you can be the calm one who walks in the door.
  2. Enjoy putting your favorite lipstick on. Take a few minutes to carefully apply that beautiful shade you just picked up and then smile at yourself in the mirror.
  3. Watch a funny YouTube video. Personally, I enjoy anything from comedian Brian Regan. He’s hilarious and laughing will also get your heart rate and blood pressure down.
  4. Listen to that one song that totally fires you up. My current one is never give up by Sia. It’s a great soundtrack to make a grand exit into work.

Feeling rushed and frazzled doesn’t help you feel resilient.

Take five minutes to set yourself up for success.

Give yourself a mental health moment!

Thanks for listening!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Help spread the message about good mental health!


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