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Mental Health Moment on break

It’s summer, and my son is getting married this month! 💞❤ So I’m taking a short break from new episodes of Mental Health Moment. I’ll return with NEW EPISODES on June 24. Until then, here’s a few early episodes you may have missed!   Episode 2: Sticky note wins the day       Episode […]

Ep 67: When do you know it’s time to see a therapist?

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Ep 67: When do you know it's time to see a therapist?

We know life can just be challenging and stressful. That’s part of living in today’s modern world. You may have your stress under control now but you may need some help just keeping it together. Is that serious enough for therapy? This episode gives you a few things to look for to decide if it’s […]

Ep 66: You can change your brain to reduce your stress

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Ep 66: You Can Change Your Brain to Reduce Your Stress

Did you know you can change your brain? We tend to think we are stuck with the brain we’re born with. But apparently brains love to change, grow and regenerate. There is so much you can do to set your brain up to help you respond to your challenges. Learn about a couple of ways […]

Ep 65: What is self-care, really?

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Ep 65: What is self -are really?

Healthy self-care is a key part of good mental health. But what does self-care look like for you? Is it an event you schedule when life overwhelms you? Or is it a daily practice that lets you invest in and care for yourself? Here are a few ways to understand how self-care can fit into […]

Ep 64: How to stay focused during the summer season

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Ep 64: Ep 64: How to stay focused during the summer season

The summer season brings fun and relaxation. We welcome the change in routine and can’t wait to kick it in low gear. But we feel pressure to perform at high levels in spite of the change the summer season brings. Here are some ways to have a productive summer while keeping your expectations manageable. You […]

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