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Give yourself a Mental Health Moment every day!

Sometimes you need some encouragement right at the top of the day so you can stay focused on what will keep you energized and productive. 🌝 I’m excited to debut my Alexa skill, Mental Health Moment with Lori Miller. It’s a little shot in the arm to start your day. Every day I’ll talk about […]


Why being authentic at work matters

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to be a different person at work? Career literature is abuzz with the call to “just be yourself” and be authentic at work. It’s true that feeling like you can’t relax and be yourself at work creates a lot of stress. Maybe because it takes a lot of […]

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Master your Monday to reduce stress

One of the best ways to change your outlook on stress at work is to change how you look at Monday. For whatever reason in our Gregorian calendar setup, we define Monday as the official start of a new week. If the new work week started on Saturdays, we’d all hate Saturdays. Can you imagine […]

New you, new year

Are you wanting to create a “whole new you” in 2019? I had the same brilliant idea two years ago as we were ushering in 2017. In fact, I even encountered this sign as I was biking near my house just before that new year. New year, new me! It was like a sign that […]

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Manage stress by living in the present

By default, we are all in the present, but not necessarily present, if that makes sense. This is where much of our stress rears its gnarly head. We’re burdened with the constant pressure of what’s to come in a world that is almost exclusively forward focused.  Create your own future! Prepare for retirement! Get ahead at […]