Ep 86: Handling the small leaks


Do you find yourself frustrated by the small things that pop up? Sometimes you can miss the larger things because you spend so much time taking care of the small leaks.

Here’s a lesson from me and my little Pony. 😀

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Ep 86: Handling the small leaks

Me and my little Pony on our first ride together! Drier days then!

Hi. I’m Lori Miller and this is your Mental Health Moment.

If you’ve ever owned a convertible you’re familiar with one very present reality: convertibles leak.

Earlier today, I went to Walmart to buy a couple of those Shamwow kind of towels. You know, the ones that can absorb an entire bathtub full of water in just three square feet of material.

Where was that kind of science when I was in school?

Anyway, I needed those towels for water that leaks into my convertible Mustang.

And continues to leak every time it rains.

Also, it rains here in South Florida every afternoon.

Crazy, hard rain.

Because it’s rainy season.

So you see my problem.

It’s not a new problem. I had a leaky top a while back, so I’m pretty used to how this Shamwow thing needs to go.

A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and invested in a new top. I was so fancy and carefree running around in my predictably dry car, shaking my fist at the sky every time it rained.

Rainy day, don’t care. I was pretty happy I had fixed my little leak problem.

Things had gone back to normal, until I started noticing this new leak.

Every time it rains crazy hard, water apparently ascends from the bottom of the car like some ancient convertible hellfire and just sits on the floorboard.

Tell me in what universe my convertible leaks from somewhere other than the top?

Isn’t that the worst bit of irony?

So I begrudgingly got new Shamwows today and set about schlepping up water from the floorboard and wringing it out right there in the Walmart parking lot.

I was breaking a considerable sweat, but I was solving my leak problem.

Sort of.

I’ll have to keep doing that every day until I figure out the source of the leak, but at least I can keep standing water from just sitting in my car.

When I was done, I sat in the car for a bit, and let the air conditioner work its magic. I was feeling pretty good about my work, and I felt like I had found a solution for now.

I mean, it’s not such a big leak. Just a really consistent one.

Besides, rainy season will be over soon and we’ll go back to our normal sweltering sunshine in time.

After a few minutes I reached in the back seat to get a towel I keep back there… and picked up a soggy, dripping wet mess.

Holy cow! Water was somehow coming in under the seats, too.

I was out of solutions for that. And I was too tired from handling the smaller leaks to even try to figure that one out.

Have you ever had times like this in your life? You expect some challenges because life certainly has that.

But you don’t expect how much time you have to spend on things that demand your attention over and over.

How can you even think about handling the bigger stuff when you’re so worn out from handling the smaller things that don’t even make sense?

We spend so much time trying to solve the visible problems that we can miss the stuff that’s bubbling under the surface.

Those are usually the things that really catch us off guard and can leave us feeling helpless.

What’s a Mustang convertible kind of person supposed to do here?

First, accept that unexpected leaks are kind of part of the design.

It’s the best feeling in the world to drive with the top down, but, also, your car is basically open on top.

The design that makes the ride so carefree is also what makes it so vulnerable.

In order to enjoy the wind in your hair, you have to accept that you’ll most likely have to deal with some leaks, too.

Second, this crazy rain will only last for a season.

As much as it’s a pain to handle this every day, it will subside and you’ll find yourself doing a little less wringing out over time.

That will be the time to find your best solution.

Because you’re not chasing the leaks every day, you’ll have the energy and space to come up with a more thoughtful solution.

Deal with the leaks you have now, and know that the skies will eventually clear enough to find your best way forward.

Finally, consider what may be up ahead that you’re not seeing here.

  • Why are you okay with mopping up the same kind of leaks?
  • Is this the best option for you if the small stuff is keeping your eyes off of the bigger stuff?

Maybe you’re so focused on keeping the leaks handled that you’re missing a completely different option you haven’t even discovered.

Handling the small challenges can only wear you out if you don’t work to find the source or if you choose to just keep wringing things out indefinitely.

Don’t let the small things keep you from your carefree ride.

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