Ep 11: The miracle question

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Have you ever thought about your life with no problems? Do you even know what that might look like?

Ask yourself this simple question to start figuring out what you really want.

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Ep 11: The Miracle Question

Hi I’m Lori Miller and this is your Mental Health Moment.

If you woke up tomorrow and your biggest problem in life was miraculously solved, and everything was exactly how you wanted it, what would that look like?

Can you even answer that?

Most likely it’s kind of difficult, right?

Part of the problems we run into in achieving our goals and dreams is that sometimes we really don’t know what the heck we want. Not in a specific sense, anyway.

We know we want to be healthy, and successful, and witty and fun, well, at least I do. And hopefully we want to have a positive impact on others.

But when we try to focus on those things, our resolve seems to evaporate into a bunch of short-term stuff that’s easy to give up on.

And we don’t always see how those short-term goals play into our larger efforts, the things we really want from life.

So we just stop. Or worse, we get distracted by stuff that doesn’t matter but makes us feel like we’re still moving.

The question I asked at the beginning here is called the Miracle Question.

The miracle question can help you try to picture your life and your future without your problems.

So you can come up with useful and actionable goals to start marching towards.

Easy enough.

Not really.

We talk about how great it would be to have all our problems go away, but then we have a hard time imagining just what our life might look like without our problems.

We get so fixated on what’s not working that we don’t really know what our life could look like when it’s actually working.

The best part is that you know what you want (you really do), and you know what works for you.

You just have to sit still long enough to let your mind wander and think it through.

This weekend, carve out some time to answer this question:
If you could have what you want tomorrow, with no roadblocks and no limitations on your potential, what would that look like?

What would you do then that you’re not doing now?

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