Ep 7: Churning up change

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Nothing good happens without something changing first. Change, on your own terms, can create new opportunities.

We can look at change as a bad thing, or we can consider it a welcome force to uncover new possibilities lying just under the surface.

You can learn to create your own change and churn up your own opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to be the instigator of your own change.

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Ep 7: Churning up change

Hi I’m Lori Miller and this is your Mental Health Moment.

Is it just me or does everything about the world seem to be changing constantly?

If you’re maintaining any vital signs at all you may feel this, too.

Adapting to change and flexing with the times seems like a requirement anymore.

We tend to put change in a negative light.

  • Relationships end badly.
  • We lose our jobs or our company reorganizes.
  • Middle age brings lifestyle changes for suddenly new health issues.
  • Aging eyes now require readers from Walgreens. So great.

But change also can be a wicked catalyst for growth if you know where to look.

Change creates movement and friction that uncovers new possibilities.

I live on Florida’s Treasure Coast. This area on the east side of the state got its name from ships carrying gold and jewels in the Atlantic Ocean in the 1600s and 1700s.

Back then hurricanes barreled through the ocean and sank those ships.

So a gazillion dollars of treasure now lays buried on the ocean floor. Much of it is unrecovered and undisturbed hundreds of years later.

Now during a hurricane, the force of the water hitting the beach eats away at the sand on the shore and out in the water. It’s cleverly called erosion.

Erosion is violent and destructive.

It tears away at foundations, destroys delicate coral reefs, and it can close your favorite beach for a year.

It also moves stuff, like gold coins that have been buried for hundreds of years, for example.

It’s hilarious to watch treasure hunters trip over themselves to be the first one to hit those waters after a storm.

Finding loot worth possibly millions in the newly-stirred up environment motivates these modern-day mateys to keep looking for change.

Churning up your own change is the secret to staying engaged in your life and work.

There’s no moving forward without something changing.

Get comfortable being the instigator of change in your life.

Stir it up and move things around.

But maybe don’t shoot for total erosion. Just change one small thing that’s not working for you.

Then look for the opportunities in the sands of discomfort you created.

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