Ep 63: Face your problems by taking the next step

Ep 63: Face your problems by taking the next step

The answer to solving your problems isn't actually solving your problems. 😳 The answer lies in just focusing on taking the next step. Your success in therapy or personal development is more about trusting yourself to take a whole bunch…
Ep 62: How to Regulate your Emotions When Under Stress

Ep 62: How to regulate your emotions when under stress

How do you regulate your emotions when you feel like everything is bearing down on you? How can you set yourself up to respond to your emotions in a healthy way? There's no one answer but here are a few ways that will set you up to regulate…
Ep 61: The Difference Between Thoughts and Feelings

Ep 61: The difference between thoughts and feelings

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How can you tell the difference between thoughts and feelings? It starts with the way you use the word "feel" when describing what's happening around you. Reframing your thoughts starts with identifying your emotions. Learn how pumpkin…
Ep 60: Why you should identify your feelings

Ep 60: Why you should identify your feelings

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What does it mean to identify your feelings? Well, have you had those moments when you can't quite put words to what you're feeling? You may not have a well developed emotional vocabulary. Part of handling your emotions is to know what…
Ep 59: Are emotions bad for you?

Ep 59: Are strong emotions bad for you?

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Did you grow up thinking your strong emotions are bad for you? We get the message early on that emotions are either bad or good. This is mostly based on what we do with those emotions. It's easy to avoid emotions that make us uncomfortable…